Visual Report Design

The introduction

We were asked to design a report that looked into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics with an emphasis on making it a highly visual report design.

The client

Curium Solutions is an award-winning change management consultancy based in Birmingham who have clients around the UK.

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The project

Curium Solutions produced a major piece of research, AI & Robotics: from science fiction to business fact. The report was predominantly text and our client wanted to turn it into a more engaging document with a different look to other reports on the market. They were conscious of the fact that while the content was about technology, it was also about people and they wanted that reflected in a visual report design that avoided the clichéd robot-human imagery.

We understood and made sure our design highlighted the main points through not only infographic-style pages but also pulled-out quotes and other visual devices. We produced a digital download version to support workshop-based events run by our client, hard-copy versions for workshop attendees and a collection of graphic assets to help with promotion and related events to be used on social media.
The approach

The solution for turning a text-heavy report into a more eye-catching and engaging document is to use effective visuals. For this project, our focus was on the three areas that met Curium’s specific requirements, namely a good information flow, a visually enhanced text and a unique and engaging illustration style.

Getting a structure and a flow to information comes in the early planning stage by deciding which information is the most important and which is the least, and where it should sit relative to both the other information on that page, and the document as a whole.

Visually enhanced text uses an infographic design style as it’s a good way to simplify and clarify information, and to differentiate a client’s research and documents from the wealth of information that is available on a particular subject. And the illustration style adds graphics that help to clarify and explain key points, help readers pick up important information quickly and importantly set the tone of the document.

We created a suite of illustrations in a simplistic icon style, which picked up on Curium’s own branding which, as it consisted of a bold and bright colour palette, created the best possible start for producing materials that were engaging and interesting. 
The outcome

The challenge of putting together such an extensive set of illustrations and making sure the content was ordered in a way that lead to an engaging read was time-consuming yet hugely satisfying. The feedback from the client was totally positive. As intended, Curium used the report for workshop-led events and received positive feedback from their clients on both the content and design.
“Fantastic work on the report design. It looks fabulous!”
Kathryn Hobbs
Communications Consultant, Curium Solutions