Information design services

At NWC Design, we excel at information design, and we only offer information design. That way we always provide you with the very best we have to offer. We focus only on the things we’re really good at.

The services included here are just those. They’re available individually, but more often than not, we put some or all of them together to form a visual content campaign to best suit your project’s aims and hook its audience.

That’s not to say we’re not innovative or open to new ideas – quite the opposite. We’re constantly beavering away on new information design services or investigating up-and-coming technologies so we can continue to add value to your visual content.

Report design

Creating a highly-attractive and engaging report design requires Spock-like logic, JK Rowling-like creativity and a Hawking-like understanding of the content. Not only all that but it also needs an overview of the wider context in which the report will sit and information on the required outcomes of the project.

Infographic design

Truly effective infographic design can help to communicate your story and data both clearly and memorably. Infographics provide a high-level view of your research or project, are popular on social media, and can increase the size of your audience. Our team have produced over 1,000 infographics, ranging from humorous lifestyle content to global epidemic statistics.

Animated videos

Animated videos can really add to the impact of your content. They’re particularly effective for captivating social media audiences and work well as ways to sum up a campaign in much the same way as an infographic. Our clients often ask us to turn their infographics into animated videos, whether for social, presentations, or conference use.

Presentation design

We produce engaging presentation designs for use online, on-screen or on stage. Most often this is a summary of key information from a research programme, or a training presentation for internal or external delegates. Surprise your audience with a presentation design that’s out of the ordinary, striking, memorable, and most importantly, that works.

Data visualisation

We use data visualisation best practices to bring your ideas to life, whether you’ve a set of data, a process, an abstract idea, a map or technical specifications. These all require an expert understanding of how the brain digests and processes information and that knowledge helps us to create clear and logical visualisations that your audience will easily understand and remember.

Social media graphics

The key to increasing engagement and building interest in your content is spreading the word, and that’s what we do through our social asset support services. We create engaging social cards – static and animated – that can be used as part of your strategy to raise awareness and grow your audience.