The Economist
Editorial research campaign
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), part of the Economist Group, provides country, industry and management research and analysis services to clients around the world, one of which is RBC Wealth Management. 
  • Create a suite of engaging digital editorial collateral based on a survey of over 1000 high-net-worth individuals.
  • Design four engaging summary infographics that align with RBC’s own branding
  • Produce one main report and six articles outlining the survey findings following the EIU’s editorial and design style guide
  • Digital download report pdf outlining the main project findings
  • Six country- and industry-specific editorial articles
  • Four infographics with re-purposed assets to help promote the campaign on social media
We were asked by the EIU to support them in creating a suite of digital editorial collateral to detail and promote a research campaign that covered 1051 high-net-worth individuals across Canada, the US, the UK and Asia.

The purpose of the project was to explore how women are redefining wealth, giving and legacy planning, with a focus on areas such as education, charitable giving, household purchases, estate and legacy planning, political influence, well-being and corporate giving.

There were two main areas of focus for our design team, outlined below...
Accuracy of data presentation
The EIU survey sampled 502 women and 549 men, and drew a wealth of data to analyse. Working with the EIU editors we found key statistics and stories within the data, and began to create a compelling visual narrative through which to communicate this to the intended audience.

It was imperative that the data be presented not only in an attractive and engaging way, but also accurately and following the best practice principles that we use across all of our projects. In order to compare and contrast numerical sets of data quickly and efficiently it must be designed in such a way that it is easy to digest.

RBC’s strict brand standards were easy to work with, offering plenty of scope for contrasting colours and corporate, editorial font styles. This meant we were able to create simple, clear charts and diagrams that communicated complex information easily.    
Image Selection
As with the data, RBC has strict rules when it comes to the photography that can be used within its branded collateral to ensure that the business is presented in alignment with its core values and wider business strategy.

We spent a lot of time searching and selecting a large library of imagery from which to narrow down and select a final set of thirteen images. These photos not only needed to adhere to the client’s criteria, but also to work as a complete set across the whole campaign. This is harder than it seems, and required a fair amount of editing to match light effects, colours and composition.

The selection also needed to show women who appeared as high-net-worth individuals, and a diverse range of demographics, such as nationality and age.