MagnaCarta and Mastercard
Global fintech research campaign
The client: 
  • MagnaCarta Communications offers expertise in marketing and communications in the payments and fintech industries to clients across the globe, one of whom is Mastercard.
The brief:
  • On behalf of Mastercard, create an eye-catching research report on global financial inclusion for launch at the Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 in Oslo
  • Produce a captivating summary infographic and supporting suite of social media assets
  • Provide graphic assets for editorial articles
  • Use easy-to-understand visuals to simplify and clarify key information
The products:
  • Digital download report pdf hosted on the Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 website
  • Hard-copy reports for use at the summit
  • Digital infographic design and graphic assets to help promote the report on social media
Denise Gee, MagnaCarta Founder and Simon Hardie, Director, approached us to create a suite of visual assets for a new global financial inclusion research project on behalf of their client, Mastercard.

Denise and Simon asked us to produce an engaging report design that was based on a 12,000 word document and supported by infographics using the facts and figures from the extensive research.

We knew we had to convey the gravity and complexity of the subject in an easy-to-digest way.

Below we detail the three main areas of focus for our design... 
We could see that at the heart of the research were real people with a real financial inclusion problem. We humanised the research by using images that centred on the people themselves as they went about their daily lives; for example running small businesses.

In that way, we gave the reader a clear context in which to digest the information and apply their thinking, thereby creating a human connection.    
Digestable Content
The report contained a lot of detailed and useful information and it was our job to provide a visual hierarchy and prioritise certain bits of information over others.

The human brain digests information most effectively when it is presented in small chunks. In that way it can discern which bits are more important than others. The reader automatically takes in more prominent information and high-level content and knows to really focus on the smaller detail.

We used our expertise in grouping and ranking content and created a structure for the report that allowed readers to easily navigate around the concepts and facts provided to them.

By using visual devices, we enabled the reader to understand, process and remember key points of the report. 
Scale and Complexity
That there are “unbanked” adults is a hard concept to understand in our financially sophisticated world. The report design needed to convey the gravity and complexity of the problem.

To succeed in this key challenge, we created a suite of stylised illustrations and data visualisations to sit alongside photography that presented intense images of the world. The cover also required a graphic which represented the complexity and scale of the issue.

Financial inclusion is an entangled concept. To reflect this, we used a network graphic at the base of the cover design, overlaid with images of the people at the heart of the issue. Simplifying and personalising products is a theme which is addressed throughout the report.

By showing real-life potential customers, we created a connection between the reader and the unbanked individual, giving the issues and solutions clear context.
"We just want to thank you very much for your hard work under enormous pressure. The report was printed for the Summit and looks absolutely amazing – excellent work also on the social media banners."
Denise Gee
Director, MagnaCarta Communications