About us

We are fuelled by a passion to deliver the very best design experience we can. Integrity and honesty are such an important part of who we are that we wanted to find a way to work with good people in positive industries on worthwhile projects, and to enjoy what we do every day.

That’s exactly what we’ve done through NWC Design. 


Achieving more together

We work as a team. We’re open and honest and believe and expect you’ll be the same with us. We have mutual respect for each other as colleagues and as people with real lives – families, interests, quirks, the lot.

Of course we take what we do seriously. But we like to be ourselves and add a little personality into our working lives too. 


Science and logic

We love creating designs that truly work for their intended purpose. We like things to look neat, be professional and produce results. It’s why we specialised in information design and studied the science behind visual elements and what happens to our brains when we engage with information. 
Managing Director
Non’s logical, business-focused approach to design naturally led her into information design. A background in science and maths combined with her creativity provides her with a unique view of how information works and how it should be designed for the best results.

After graduating in Graphic Design from Falmouth College of Arts, Non began working in a local printer's design team and worked her way up through multi-disciplinary agencies to become creative director at a visual content agency in Manchester.

These days, Non works on joining up the narrative with structured design processes to get the very best out of, what is after all, unique content. She is also passionate about successful, worthwhile and profitable business processes.
Creative Director
From an early age Dom developed a strong interest in skate culture, particularly the brand loyalty they created through the use of visual imagery, this sparked a keen interest in art and design. After leaving school Dom enrolled on an art and design course at college and continued through to university.

Dom graduated with First Class Hons from Staffordshire University and has since worked in and around Manchester in various creative agencies always maintaining a strong interest in identity and branding to develop his understanding of the processes involved.

In recent years Dom has been applying this understanding of branding through working on large pharma and medical accounts producing both internal and external materials executed through a variety of media. After producing a number of reports and infographics he noticed a growing trend for this visual medium. Dom wanted to apply his understanding of corporate identity and brand guidelines to move towards this creative outlet.
Business Operations Manager
Amy's career started at the old Century 105.4 Radio Station, working in the advertising sales department. Spanning the next 20 years, Amy has worked in Business Development roles across a range of industries both in the UK and in Brussels. She has specific experience in the running of creative agencies and now works closely with NWC Design as Business Operations Manager.

Amy has a very process driven mind and an orderly and efficient approach to her work which helps to keep the cogs turning for the team, allowing them to be at their most creative.

Her role at NWC Design includes the management of new business development, marketing and social media strategy, managing HR and compliance, and assisting the Directors with operational business tasks. In her spare time Amy loves walking her new puppy with her Family.